Hot Stuff


Cakes and Pastries


Please note that 20% will be added to all food consumed on our premises

The Pantry Hot Stuff Menus

Toasties / Paninis

   Toastie Panini
Cheddar Cheesefrom £2.60 £2.80
Cheese/Tomato/Onionfrom £2.80 £3.00
Chicken Meltfrom £2.90 £3.20
Tuna Meltfrom £2.90 £3.20
Ham Meltfrom £2.90 £3.20
BLTfrom £2.90 £3.20
Bacon & Cheesefrom £2.90 £3.20

Jacket Potatoes

Butter from£2.50
Cheese from£3.00
Beans from£3.00
Cheese & Beans from£3.50
Chilli from£3.75
Chilli/Cheese from£4.25
Chicken Curry from£3.95
Tuna from£3.75
Tuna / Cheese from£4.25
Tuna Mayo/Sweetcorn from£3.95
Crab / Prawn Mayo from£4.25
Chicken Mayo Sweetcorn from£3.95
Chicken Mayo Bacon from£3.95
Crispy Bacon / Cheese from£4.25
Coronation Chicken from£3.95
Speciality Chicken from£3.95
Side Salad from£0.75

Buttered from£0.50
Jam from£0.65
Marmalade from£0.65
Marmite from£0.65
Peanut Butter from£0.80
Beans from£2.30
Egg from£2.30
2 x Toast, Bacon,Egg,/Sausage,Beans from£4.25
Other Hot Food

Sausage Rolls from£1.30
Pies, Pasties, Slices from£1.80
Pizza Slices from£1.50
Burger Bars from£1.50
Cup Soup from£1.75
salad and ham baguettes

Fresh Coffee

cheese toastie

Grilled Cheese Toastie With Soup